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      Ocean Safer Offshore Management is a independent company part of the same group, that offers integrated shipping, offshore and logistic services for IOC´s, Drillers, Shipowners and EPCI’s. Among the years, Ocean Safer became a specialized service provider in chartering, port logistics, specialized engineering, environmental monitoring, and also a fleet manager for offshore support vessels (OSV).

      Special consulting for O&G market

      Special consulting for O&G market, technical advisory and risk assessment focused to support foreign companies to operate locally in compliance with brazilian regulations in order to fulfill the necessities of each Clients in different sectors.

      Market research of IOC´s, Drillers and EPCI´s demands. Knowledge of local market and vessels particularities.
      Marine operational and financial analysis. Brazilian law and regulation expertise.
      Legal support before local authoritys. Contract Management for specialized services and vessel charter operating in Brazil.
      Offshore Support Vessel Brokerage and pre inspection to admission. Local support to foreign companies meaning business in Brazil
      Maritime, operational and legal advisory.

      Specialized engineering services

      Specialized engineering services, focused on customized solutions for decomissioning and Quality Assurance and Quality Control of welding.

      Fabrication and assembly of steel structures, piping and metalic parts in general. Develop of: Inspection Test Plan (ITP); Welding Procedure Specification (WPS).
      Final tests and Quality Control of equipment and structures. Execution of Destructive and Non Destructive Testing (DT/NDT).
      Safty inspection. Module secure.
      Material inspection. Harzard waste management.
      Enviromental risk assessment.

      Offshore Management

      Ship management services for OSV’s, logistic project and port logistics. Chartering and Brokerage services and contract management.
      Pre inspection to unit /vessel admission. Handling Management.
      Warehousing. On and Offshore Transportation.
      Equipment, bunkering and catering supply. Shipbuliding.
      Inspections and repairs. Procuremment.